owners portal

Backed by innovative technology, this owners portal streamlines communication, protects your investment, and helps you maximize the value of your properties.

Owner's Portal

Simplified & Secured Payments

Make and receive payments from the mobile-friendly Online Portal. Directly send funds for owner contributions, including emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves via eCheck or Debit Card.

24/7 Access & Property Insights

Get on-demand access to financial statements, monthly summaries, year-end tax statements, and important documents from anywhere using our robust mobile capabilities.

Enhanced Communication

Stay connected and informed with built-in messaging, notifications, and emailing tools, all with fully mobile functionality to simplify collaboration.

We Can Help You Grow

Talon is a team of planners, designers and developers that have been building relationships with lenders, investors and government entities for over 25 years. We are always seeking new investment opportunities, whether you are a land owner looking for a partner or looking to grow your own portfolio, we can help. Chat with us today!