The highest level of commitment to residents, communities and employees.

Talon is committed to creating innovative and exciting solutions for housing within rural communities and college campuses throughout the Midwest. We believe in high-quality projects that deliver great value to our residents and communities. We work closely and listen carefully to local officials, government entities and interested parties to ensure the needs and hopes of all stakeholders are considered and acted upon.

Talon always operates in a transparent way and strives to provide our partners true value in everything we do. We understand that our employees are what makes Talon a leader in the industry and we show that by treating them with respect, support and by providing a safe and rewarding work environment.

Our team has over 40 years of experience and offers a unique understanding of real estate and development. From initial concept, to quality construction, to superior property management, we have a unique skill set that allows us to oversee all aspects of development. Our innovative approach comes through in everything we do and allows us to understand the needs of the market and add value to the community, which ultimately results in delivering on our commitment to our investors.